Monday, June 29, 2009

Hand Painted Glass Tutorial

Now We Tap and Drag. After the first step of Press and Swirl has dried completely, get another dollop of another color of paint. Tap a spot on the glass and turn your finger to the side and drag the paint back and forth. Lightly now, this is a wet on wet process and you do not want to wipe off the paint underneath. This is the most difficult step, so be patient. The metallic paints seem to move easier and I strongly suggest you use metallic paint for this Tap and Drag step.The secret to this step is to put the glass right on the edge of your work surface. It will keep your fist out of the way.

After you Tap and Drag about an inch down the strip of glass, stop pick up the glass and turn it over. Hold your hand under the glass to get a true read of what the colors will look like and make sure there is enough contrast between the two colors. If not, change to another color and continue on to finish the strip of glass.


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