Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting Started!

I am starting a new commission and thought you all might enjoy the ride!

This project will be a backsplash for a customer in Texas. Thank God for all this technical stuff.....who would imagine that someone could order a full kitchen mosaic from my little cobblestone town in Mexico!

This project shall be known as Cocina Garisol
(English translation: Kitchen Sunflowers).

Cocina Garisol is 26.5 sq. ft of micro mosaic with 1" squares for the field background. She will be produced on mesh panels, packaged and sent to Texas where it will be installed. I send photos of the project each day to my customer for approval and I hope you enjoy being kept in the loop!

Here are photos of the layout taken in in my studio...........Let's Get Started!

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  1. Well.....just look at you go girl! Awesome...I want more