Monday, April 5, 2010

She's Alive......She's Alive!!!!

I just looked at my blog and cannot believe i have not posted since August of 2009! Where has the time gone?

Life in my little pueblito is different than most as we are totally reliant on the tourist season which is November 15th until March 15th and WOW has it been a good year. Tons of workshops, private clinics and i have contracted consignments to last the whole summer.

I founded The Bucerias Art Walk (check it out at back in '06 and we had a stellar 4th season. This is also the second season of my art center which i named The Bucerias Art Walk Plaza....."Where Life is an Art Walk". We have 4 Galleries a Cooking School, a Painting School and of course a Mosaic School. The FOX Network out of San Antonio, Texas was here to do a tourist segment. Check me out at Episode 6, Part 5.

Then in January i hosted the First Annual Bucerias Chalk Art Walk and Taste of Riviera Nayarit. We had 3 chalk artists from the U.S. and 3 from Mexico creating art on the streets of Bucerias, with 13 Restaurants participating in the 3 day event. It was capped off with classes for over 30 Mexican children in the art of chalk drawing on the streets.

Last month The Wall Street Journal was hired by The Mexican Board of Tourism to do a 17 segment article on Mexico called Memoirs of Mexico and guess where their first stop was? The Bucerias Art Walk Plaza of course! The writers partook in mosaic workshops and cooking classes. The articles should start around April 17th, 2010.

Whew.........see, i have been busy........with a capital B and a capital Z!

I will start to post photos of all these events soon, but got to go now, the photographers from Maxwell Magazine are here to do a feature article on A Broken Art.

It's all sunglasses and autographs from now on!

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